Wedding flowers...

Bluebells & Daisies provides an appointment only wedding flower service to complement the wide variety of unique props, linens and handmade favours we already offer, creating a complete and wonderful rustic style to your special day.

Our work isn’t influenced by look or trends or what’s going on in the world of mass market florists: if it looks good then we will go with it. We find inspiration for our designs in everyday life.

Our notebook is bursting with new ideas that may have been inspired by something seen on a simple walk or from a colour that has exploded into floral creation!

We specialise in creating rustic and whimsical floral blooms for weddings and celebrations, providing our clients with a bespoke service.

If you are getting married then we would love to discuss flowers for your special day. See some samples of our handiwork here...

Floral Decorations

Floral Crowns